Yari Alaei

Yari Alaei

Certified Life Coach and Wellness

My name is Yari, born in 1979 in Tehran. I got my “hotel and hospitality management” degree from the University of Strathclyde. I’ve always tried to pursue my interests and since I was quite interested in music, I began learning how to play a favourite instrument of mine: the drums. Music was my biggest priority until I got married and I was blessed with my daughter. From then on, raising my daughter in the best way I could, became my first concern. Thanks to a friend I was introduced to parent guidance classes which helped me understand that to raise my child well, I first needed to work on myself. For 4 years, I spent my time going to self-improvement and meditation courses and bettered my understanding of raising a child. When I moved to Canada I decided to do everything I could to help other parents by sharing my experiences with self-improvement and child-rearing. And so I made my way to the Canadian Coaching Academy and got my degree in life coaching so that I could help others with the issues they face as a result of their childhood, and finally allow them to reach a moment of inner peace and quiet. My areas of expertise range from interventions in the emotional and love sphere of families and youths, teaching communication and life skills, aiding others with post-immigration issues, and fostering couples’ relationships. 


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