Nader Gharakhan

Nader Gharakhan

SHARMANARG CANADA INC. registered in, Canada, was founded in 2018 as the fourth branch of SHARMANARG Consulting Company to provide specialized engineering services for interior design in projects under construction or renovation requiring architectural and interior design services.
Headquartered in Tehran with over 23 years of practical experience, SHARMANARG has three branches in Iran and two more outside of the country.
During its official tenure in the last ten years, the company has delivered engineering services designing and supervising more than 50 major projects covering a total area of 1.8 million square meters.

The company has 4 specialized design and engineering departments as follows:
Department of Architecture and Urban Design
Department of Interior Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Engineering Department (Structures; Mechanical and Electrical Installations)
Department of Project Management, Design and Construction

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